Células, Endosimbiosis [Homenaje a Lynn Margoulis] y Viajes – Pinturas de Ana María Vacas – III

Células, Endosimbiosis [Homenaje a Lynn Margoulis] y Viajes – Pinturas de Ana María Vacas – III

Células, Endosimbiosis [Homenaje a Lynn Margoulis] y Viajes – Pinturas de Ana María Vacas – III


Pacífico Bravío – 2018 – Acrílico sobre cartón.



Farewell, and when forth
I through the Golden Gates to Golden Isles
Steer without smiling, through the sea of smiles,
Isle upon isle, in the seas of the south,
Isle upon island, sea upon sea,
Why should I sail, why should the breeze?
I have been young, and I have counted friends.
A hopeless sail I spread, too late, too late.
Why should I from isle to isle
Sail, a hopeless sailor?


Robert Louis Stevenson




[Tropic Trade Winds – Jack Kai & His Hawaiian Paradise Orchestra]



Viaje – 2017 – Acrílico sobre lienzo. 80 x 150 cm.


To all that love the far and blue

To all that love the far and blue:
Whether, from dawn to eve, on foot
The fleeing corners ye pursue,
Nor weary of the vain pursuit;
Or whether down the singing stream,
Paddle in hand, jocund ye shoot,
To splash beside the splashing bream
Or anchor by the willow root:

Or, bolder, from the narrow shore
Put forth, that cedar ark to steer,
Among the seabirds and the roar
Of the great sea, profound and clear;
Or, lastly if in heart ye roam,
Not caring to do else, and hear,
Safe sitting by the fire at home,
Footfalls in Utah or Pamere:

Though long the way, though hard to bear
The sun and rain, the dust and dew;
Though still attainment and despair
Inter the old, despoil the new;
There shall at length, be sure, O friends,
Howe’er ye steer, whate’er ye do –
At length, and at the end of ends,
The golden city come in view.
The infinite shining heavens
Rose and I saw in the night
Uncountable angel stars
Showering sorrow and light.

I saw them distant as heaven,
Dumb and shining and dead,
And the idle stars of the night
Were dearer to me than bread.

Night after night in my sorrow
The stars stood over the sea,
Till lo!  I looked in the dusk
And a star had come down to me.


Robert Louis Stevenson




[Return To Paradise – Percy Faith & His Orchestra]



[Stranger in Paradise – Caterina Valente & Werner Müller & His Orchestra]


Stranger in Paradise 

Take my hand I’m a stranger in paradise
All lost in a wonderland
A stranger in paradise
If I stand starry-eyed
That’s a danger in paradise
For mortals who stand beside an angel like you

I saw your face and I ascended
Out of the commonplace into the rare
Somewhere in space I hang suspended
Until I know there’s a chance that you care

Won’t you answer this fervent prayer
Of a stranger in paradise?
Don’t send me in dark despair
From all that I hunger for

But open your angel’s arms
To the stranger in paradise
And tell him that she need be
A stranger no more…

[De Kismet – Robert Wright & George Forrest – 1953]



Reflejos en el río – 2012 – Acrílico sobre cartón.


The River of Time

The river of time keeps on flowing
O’er wishes and dreams gone unknown,
The worst thing is wanting and knowing
Endearments that never were shown;

Tomorrow is better than never
To speak all those words in your heart,
Don’t hold them inside you forever –
Perhaps it’s a good time to start

By saying ‘I love you’ more often,
Let everyone know that you care,
You simply can’t take it for granted
And hope they’re already aware;

Three little words – you can do it!
Don’t let them get stuck deep inside,
Just say them out loud, nothing to it –
Speak up! There’s no reason to hide;

That river of time keeps on flowing
The present turns into the past –
Your light should be shared while it’s glowing,
So love like today is your last.


Linda Ori


My River runs to thee—
Blue Sea! Wilt welcome me?
My River wait reply—
Oh Sea—look graciously—
I’ll fetch thee Brooks
From spotted nooks—
Say—Sea—Take Me!


Emily Dickinson



[Water Down The Ganges – Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas]




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