Seasons of the Heart [Poems] – Carlota Pedreño Manzano

Seasons of the Heart [Poems] – Carlota Pedreño Manzano

Seasons of the Heart



Never-ending Fall

October still makes me shiver with cold.
Still makes me shiver with love.

I thought it would be a matter of time

before the flame consumed the candle,

but that flame’s consuming me instead.

Heart pounding.
Blood flowing.
Batting eyes.

Like a kid.

Just like a kid.

And it’s fun, though.

Bitter, ‘cause it’ll end up in tears.

Oh, that I know. But fun all the same.

October, you cast a spell on me.



On Poison

Let my whisper in your ear
spread all around your senses
while the seemingly unclear
blood flows corrupted and tainted.

As a razorblade, my words
start taking over you
growing stains of ruthless love
with each turning of the screw.

Clocks will then shed silent tears,
trap your life in my decoy,
while your bones tremble in fear.

For as you read, I destroy
and while your heart raced light-years
I thus poisoned you, my boy.



Blue to death

Inside I’m cold, broken,
and no embrace will ever be enough.
Nobody can save these bones from ice.
Nobody can save this heart from fire.
Nobody can save these arms from winter.
Nobody can save this soul from hell.

Behind my skin no explanation whatsoever.



Dead waves

Midnight thoughts
travel in the wind that carries the smoke
as it fades slowly.
The blueness in her eyes reflects the stroke
that is to take place
when Winter wipes out the embers in her heart.
Her cold bare feet
drag a dead body that once was full of life
towards a restless bed.
Under the sheets -as if a plank of wood
pushed her towards a grave
of black and white images of a long gone past
and an uncertain future-
she shuts her eyes tight and cries and prays
for the morning light to come.



The Hideout

Not even the brightest sun
not even this silver moon
could make me forget the stab
of the knife you put me through

Not even the coolest mood
not even this strong desire
to forget your name for good
will ever dampen my fire

But I will treasure the embers
in this silly heart of mine
‘cause my skin still remembers
how you used to make me cry

Out of ash I’ll build a fortress
where these eyes will never bleed
while staring at blackened portraits.
This hideout is just for me.




Sundays are cut for losers
who mutter stupid curses
while their feeble knees crash
with the edge of a pointed table.

Sundays are cut for mouths
who release their useless poison
not knowing where it came from
but hoping that it will reach.

But me, I live on those Mondays
when the alarm starts going crazy
as I daydream catch a train
to the affairs of a busy life.



…of an empty boat

Blue is a colour I learnt to live with

it reminds me of dead leave on the road,

of every time I refuse to cry and I grind my teeth

of me being the Captain of an empty boat

Blue is a colour I learnt to live with,

to forget as the Spring sun begins to shine

when the warmth of some arms reaches within

and the path ahead of me starts looking bright



Outter space

Flying through the universe
I found one million stars,
dust covered my skin
and now I understand:

even if the sky falls
even when the sun won’t shine
even if everything breaks
I really know how to fly

I really know how to fly
far away from all the pain.
Lost in the outter space
you will then find me again




Gaze of the Superheroes

The hurricane swept it all
revolving memories
that, drowned inside my heart

made me bleed stained love.

The rough love swept it all
and left the streets deserted
with only a path of crystals
To guide you home again.

Our firm steps swept it all,
no more crystals, no more blood
just looking from the sky
the gaze of the superheroes.



Spring Child

Winter woman wakes up again,
while fog and cold wrap her limbs
she sits up in bed and yawns,
then gets dressed and takes a train
to the spot where a regression takes place
and – as the wheels are spinning –
the lines on her face, disappearing
her features become younger,
Spring child is born again.




Spring Anthem

Soft melodies of voices
already wrap my skin
while breathless I just quiver
and your thorns now make me bleed

sweetly, oh so sweetly
in steady deep thrusts
and the gasps and the moans and the sighs
intertwine with the anthem
of millions of trumpets

Roses burst into flames
while the room spins around us
and our Spring thus begins.




Infinite summer

Towards our infinite summer
I go with dreams gently packed
with a heart steady as a hammer
where there is no turning back

My hopes are flying higher
and your kiss reaches me, stark
let our bodies burn with fire
you and me just got the knack



My Will

In the midst

the hours of my idleness

devour with tearing fangs

the carcass of my dreams.

In my dreams

the age of my unreason

carved in a thousand lilacs

the coffin of my lips.

In my lips

the song of the last summer,

soft, guides the breeze of autumn

which will propel my ships.

In my ships

the cargo of my feelings

destroys the winds of sorrow,

and all there’s left’s my Will.

In my Will

the walls are even sturdier

and heavier and more solid

than any soul could be.



Carlota Pedreño Manzano


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